Our Mission


Development Services Group is a fundraising consulting service dedicated to advocating and supporting religious and educational campaigns on the West Coast. DSG provides professional resources to assist clients in successfully achieving capital and development goals.

The Mission
DSG consultants are advocates for religion and education. This is what we do. In highly personal ways, we serve the church and education more deeply and more meaningfully. We have extensive experience with parishes, churches, campus ministries, elementary and secondary schools, and religious orders.

Our primary purpose is to advocate and support religious and educational campaigns. We are led by a missionary dimension & zeal that complements the solicitation aspects of the fundraising process. We strive to be open to the Holy Spirit in our own lives, with our clients, and in our campaigns.

We subscribe to the scriptural call for "apostles and disciples" in DSG campaigns. In all aspects of the campaign process, we are committed to "friend raising before fundraising." This approach raises substantially more "new money" for the overall project, and helps our clients build long term relationships with donors.